Are You A Real College Football Fan? The Adaptxt College Keyboard Lets You Prove It!

Do you live for Saturday afternoons during the Fall? Does your town transform from a sleepy, down-home community into a thriving, football-frenzied metropolis on game days? Are you a die-hard fan, student, or alum of your favorite University? If so, you need the Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboard. The Adaptxt College Keyboard is no ordinary accessory to your smartphone. For the discriminating College Football fan, it is the last frontier of dedication. This all-new, fully licensed keyboard app, developed in partnership with 2ThumbZ Entertainment, is launching with 31 of the most popular and historically successful teams from across the ACC, SEC, Big 12, B1G, and Pac-12:

Over 100 national championships, thousands of All-Americans, countless conference titles, and hundreds of years of history between them, these are the College Football vanguard. And now, Adaptxt College Keyboards can help you proudly represent your favorite team, not only on Saturdays, but every day of the week.

Adaptxt enables you to show support for your College team by personalising your Android keyboard with skins specially designed for just that. All colors, crests, and logos are a 100% authentic, making your loyalty a wire to wire guarantee.

Adaptxt College Keyboard Features:

The Adaptxt College Keyboard app is more than just a pretty face, however. It’s so easy to use, and so advanced, you’d swear it was telepathic. Powered by Predictive Text 2.0, which memorizes and incorporates your own unique texting style into its dictionary, The Adaptxt College Keyboard allows you to type your messages and notes quicker, with fewer keystrokes. This technology even has the capacity to operate in 83 different languages.

Adaptxt has taken it one step further however, with each app containing a school-specific dictionary that includes all your popular lingo, war cries, and after-game hangouts.

Throughout the season, our Facebook page will also be hosting a “Smack Talk Screen Shot” promotion, allowing you to submit your best (or worst) message meant for your rivals in each week’s featured game. Stay tuned for more on that!

Visit the Adaptxt store to show your undying love for your team!

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Adaptxt to update its innovative and inventiveness Cloud Sync feature soon…

Adaptxt to update its innovative and inventiveness Cloud Sync feature soon…

Keypoint technologies Adaptxt is developed by combining principles of linguistic and artificial intelligence. With the latest in text input technology and innovative customization features, Adaptxt makes typing simpler, efficient, intuitive and above all – FUN. KPT would soon launch updated cloud sync services that will seamlessly bridge multi device text input services. Adaptxt Cloud Sync synchronizes information about a user’s writing styles and text input habits across multiple devices that have Adaptxt installed and would be released as an update to all its users soon. The updated version of the service would allow you to store your personal dictionary on the cloud and sync all your devices with the cloud account for a personalized typing experience. The Cloud Sync Service was launched by Adaptxt during the Mobile World Congress 2012 at Barcelona. Share your views on what could be the enhancements which can reduce the input gap between users’ expectations and the capabilities of their devices.

So what are you waiting for? Update your device with Adaptxt now and ease the difficulty of typing.

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