As an iOS user, you should be happy with the new iOS 8 feature which make you able to install new third party keyboards to your phone, so you can have new features didn’t come with the Apple default keyboard.
One of these keyboards… is “Adaptxt”, the keyboard has a lot of features like a ton of supported languages and specialized keyboards from baseball symbols to keyboards for finance only.
You can download the keyboard from Apple App store as usual, then customize it easily from your Setting screen and select your type method from the globe icon whenever you’re going to write anything.
The app has been tested, and surprisingly how it’s very responsive at swipe typing…you can type your words with swiping your fingers on the keyboard without take your finger of the screen, or you can easily drag your words, you don’t have to press spacebar, just move to your next word easily, the keyboard has some custom gestures, text shortcuts and some keyboard layouts too like QWERTY, QWERTZ. AZERTY and some more, you should be able to download the non-English keyboards as you like because it’s not loaded in the app, so it’s pretty easy.
While iOS 8.0.2 have some issues with third-party keyboards we hope the company is going to fix it, the Adaptxt keyboard is very nice, have very responsive features and it’s Free too, so you should give it a try because it’s worth it.   


Adaptxt is a free keyboard available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices:
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Article and photos by Mobi4All

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