Adaptxt rated 5/5 among the 10 best Android keyboards

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When it comes to movies, the first in a series is almost always the best. The same also applies to Android, which had customizable, third-party keyboards long before Apple ever dreamed of adding this feature to iOS 8.

Over the years, developers have knocked out some impressive wares for text entry on smartphones and tablets, meaning there are more choices than ever before – literally hundreds of them are on Google Play alone!

Thankfully, TechRadar is here to whittle this enormous list down to only 10 of the best options, and there’s something here for every kind of typist. We’ve even tossed in a few eccentric and off-the-beaten path options you may not be aware of.


A holdover from our previous list of nine best Android keyboards, Adaptxt (free) still gets our nod as one of the most beautiful available. We’ve previously described it as having a “spacious and airy layout” with translucent graphics that give off a premium laptop vibe, and those words still apply nearly three years later.

With support for more than 90 languages – the most of any keyboard we could find – Adaptxt includes location-based suggestions, corrections and predictions with a unique 12-key layout, plenty of great themes and loads of personality.

Download this if… You appreciate good looks and functionality.

Avoid this if… It’s just too damned sexy for your device.

Verdict: 5/5


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The Perfect Keyboard App

Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboards is a new keyboard app aimed specifically at college students, alumni and fans who wish to follow their mascots and show their school spirit even when typing messages to friends or entering queries. The keyboard app displays custom skins targeting specific university themes, so users can proudly represent their regions and schools. The app is very easy to use and installs within seconds on recent Android devices, fact which makes it a must have. Below we will have a review of the main features of this app:

– Themes for specific schools and universities

The new keyboard that can be set by the user has the capability of displaying school mascot, as well the specific color and theme of it, so that phone’s virtual keyboard becomes unified with school’s mascot. The logos and color schemes are so well thought-out that they transform default Android’s keyboard completely, enabling users to benefit from an entirely new typing experience.


School & College Keyboard App


– Corrections, predictions and word suggestions

Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboards is capable of adapting itself to each user’s writing style, transforming the experience entirely and enabling everyone to type faster and without errors. The auto-correct feature learns user habits and is able to predict specific words for certain apps, writing styles and more. Predictions can also be improved or deleted by the user.

– Personalized predictions

Adaptxt Spirit College Keyboards is capable of learning user’s typing habits based on the current app in use. Thus, predictions may differ from browser input and IM apps such as Skype.

– Large language support

Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboards is not just for the English language, but for over 90 ones as well. Thanks to default support for Romanian, Spanish, German, French, Italian and many other languages, Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboards can provide a bilingual typing experience and help its users input text more easily regardless of the current language spoken.

– Technical dictionaries included

For those who work or study in a specific field such as business, legal, medical or IT, Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboards provides technical dictionaries who can make technical word suggestions and easily adapt to the background required for the chat. Thus, technical users can accommodate to this app easier and facilitate their typing habits.


All in all, Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboards is a must—have skin app that completely transforms and improves user’s writing experience. Furthermore, it features region and university-specific logos and themes that help students wear their favorite mascot with pride, right on their mobile gadgets.

Each college-themed Spirit Keyboard for Android is available at a cost from $0.99 – $2.99 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Download from Android Market


View all themes at
Article Source: Ask Your Android


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AOC launches two smartphones and a tablet with Adaptxt

AOC, long known as a high-quality display company, has launched two smartphones and a tablet with 3G calling capabilities for the Indian market. The 4-inch E40 includes a dual core processor, a 1,600mAh battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM Radio while the 6-inch M601 steps things up with a faster processor and a microSD slot for expandable storage. The company is also offering a 7-inch tablet, the D70V50G, which includes a 3,000 mAh battery and GPS. It supports dual SIMs so consumers can access multiple carriers for voice calling. As International Business Times notes, all three devices are shipping with Android KitKat and support for 21 Indian languages via Adaptxt.  


Image source: India Express

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Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboards | Android Headlines

Published on March 24, 2015 by 

This won’t be the first time we’ve covered Adaptxt Keyboard, but the focus here is more so on the all new College Spirit themed keyboards than the actual keyboard app itself. Just like the original Adaptxt keyboard all of the College Spirit keyboards offer compatibility with 93 different languages, making it more versatile than most. They’ll also feature 44 industry-specific dictionaries. No matter what your school colors are, Adaptxt offers a keyboard for most major schools and is presenting these new keyboards just in time for March Madness so you can represent your team. Interested to know more? Let’s see what else the College Spirit keyboards have to offer.

Screenshot (02-36PM, Mar 24, 2015)

Before you can get on with sporting your team colors on your keyboard, you’ll need to download the College Spirit keyboard for your team from the Play Store. Once you have it installed, you can set it as the main keyboard and show off your team support anytime you send a text or type anything up.


With the College Spirit keyboards, suggestions as well as word predictions and corrections are university and regions based to help offer up a more accurate and seamless typing experience for users, while also showing off the graphics full of color and the school mascot/logo to let everyone know where allegiances lie.

unnamed (1)

Adaptxt College Spirit keyboards also allow users to give their typing a personal touch. It takes into account the applications that you may be using at the time along with the way you type to feed you personalized word predictions.


As stated above, Adaptxt is all about compatibility. That’s why they offer one of the largest libraries of language support of many other keyboards with 93 languages supported in all.


Adaptxt also makes things personal for different industry professionals with industry-specific dictionaries, including access to keyboards for people in the IT, medical, legal, and business fields just to name a few.

Adaptxt college spirit keyboard

All of the College Spirit keyboards also feature the glide and gesture texting, which allows users to simply slide their finger across the keyboard from letter to letter to type out their words. You can even customize the Glide feature in settings and set up gesture shortcuts.

Adaptxt college spirit keyboard

I found the college spirit keyboards to be easy to use and surprisingly accurate when it came to typing. I was able to type things up fairly quickly with little to no error, which can be an important quality when you need to get out messages in a pinch. Although each separate college spirit keyboard costs $2.99, the capability to customize by choosing which school suits you best with a large selection at your fingertips was nice to see. The private mode was also a handy little feature, enabling users to turn off the keyboard’s learning capabilities at any time so it stops learning from your messages, emails and social posts etc.


  • Speed (5/5) – The speed of the keyboard was quick and navigating through the settings menu seemed to be fluid and seamless.
  • Features (4.5/5) – Adaptxt’s college spirit keyboards have plenty of features that any user should love, from gesture typing to region-based predictions.
  • Theme (4/5) – The theme for each school is well-represented displays school colors boldly
  • Overall (5/5) – Between the customization features and the prediction options, the college spirit keyboards have much to offer.


  • Support for tons of languages.
  • Keyboard features specific to certain types of industries making things easier for professionals.
  • Private mode to turn off the learning aspects of the keyboard.
  • regional-based dictionary and word predictions
  • Additional Keyboard skins for specific schools


  • Would like to have seen more school themes. Some users may not like that their school isn’t included.

Overall Adaptxt college spirit keyboards are a great little keyboard for Android. The ability to customize and represent your school’s team colors and mascot will be more than enough for some users, but the added benefits of region-based predictions and dictionary will be a huge help. The massive library of language support is also a big bonus allowing nearly anyone the ability to type with Adaptxt in their native tongue. If you’re a big college sports fan and will be knee deep in March Madness this month, one of these keyboards should fit right in to represent your team.

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The best in Belgium

ZDNet Belgium has selected Adaptxt as one of the best software keyboards for iOS 8. Author Noemie Six notes that the right keyboard can save time and autocorrect blunders. The article also notes that keyboards such as Adaptxt can help those moving over from Android to iOS (and vice versa, of course).

The article points out several Adaptxt benefits, including support for more than 90 languages, as well as tapping and swiping, gesture shortcuts, and visible switching between upper and lowercase letters. It also notes that Adaptxt doesn’t support cloud syncing, but that’s one way that the keyboard helps to protect privacy.

Adaptxt is available for free in the App Store:

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Adaptxt becomes a favorite on this correspondent’s list

TV Grapevine’s Sammi Turano lists Adaptxt as one of her favorite things!

The Adaptxt Keyboard for iOS 8 will give mobile device users an unrivaled typing experience across all devices – now including Apple products. Users will be able to create gesture text shortcuts to enable quick entry of lengthy text by gliding over a single letter…

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You can download Adaptxt for free:

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TUAW weighs in on Adaptxt: “It’s pretty magical.”

When you’re getting comfortable in a new neighborhood like iOS, it helps to get the inside scoop from folks who’ve been there a long time. That’s certainly true of TUAW, which has been looking at Apple products since 2004 — three years before the iPhone made its debut!   TUAW writer Mel Martin has given Adaptxt a spin and calls it “a winner,” mentioning the “boatload of languages” it supports and that it’s “just as responsive as the Nuance Swype keyboard.” He also notes:

The software generally figures out what you are typing and inserts the correct word. You don’t even need to press the space bar, instead just pausing and going on to the next word. It’s pretty magical.

That’s thanks to our team of wizards — software and language wizards, that is. Mel closes out the post by telling readers they should really be checking out third-party keyboards for iOS. With encouragement like this, just think of what we may be able to do on the iPhone 1000.

Read more calls third-party iOS keyboards “a revelation.”

The support of third-party keyboards in iOS 8 continues to be cited as one its most popular features. In a piece titled, “New Keyboards Might Be the Best Part of iOS 8,” writer Dave Johnson steps readers through setting up and selecting keyboards like Adaptxt, which he calls an “excellent choice.” He notes:

[B]eing able to replace the Apple keyboard with alternatives that might better suit your typing style and preferences is a good thing. And when you spend a little time with iOS 8, it doesn’t take long to wonder how you ever got along without the option to change keyboards.

Dave goes on to talk about the advantages of swiping; gliding your fingers across the software keyboard to form words rather than tapping each individual letter. It’s something that isn’t possible with the built-in keyboard today, and just one of the handy text entry aids we’ve put into Adaptxt that allow you to write your way.


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Adaptxt Keyboard for iOS a Free and Powerful Tool

As an iOS user, you should be happy with the new iOS 8 feature which make you able to install new third party keyboards to your phone, so you can have new features didn’t come with the Apple default keyboard.
One of these keyboards… is “Adaptxt”, the keyboard has a lot of features like a ton of supported languages and specialized keyboards from baseball symbols to keyboards for finance only.
You can download the keyboard from Apple App store as usual, then customize it easily from your Setting screen and select your type method from the globe icon whenever you’re going to write anything.
The app has been tested, and surprisingly how it’s very responsive at swipe typing…you can type your words with swiping your fingers on the keyboard without take your finger of the screen, or you can easily drag your words, you don’t have to press spacebar, just move to your next word easily, the keyboard has some custom gestures, text shortcuts and some keyboard layouts too like QWERTY, QWERTZ. AZERTY and some more, you should be able to download the non-English keyboards as you like because it’s not loaded in the app, so it’s pretty easy.
While iOS 8.0.2 have some issues with third-party keyboards we hope the company is going to fix it, the Adaptxt keyboard is very nice, have very responsive features and it’s Free too, so you should give it a try because it’s worth it.   


Adaptxt is a free keyboard available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices:
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Adaptxt Keyboard for iOS 8 Coming Soon!

Adaptxt Launches Splash Page Enabling iOS 8 Users First Opportunity to Try Free Keyboard

Previously Paid Smart Keyboard Now Free To Give Apple Users Unparalleled Mobile Typing Experience

It’s exciting to see the app landscape evolve as Apple opens its doors to third party keyboards with the announcement of iOS 8. Our team is thrilled by the opportunity to collaborate with Apple and to get our award-winning Adaptxt keyboard in the hands of iPhone and iPad users across the globe. In keeping with the spirit of innovation across connected devices and the evolution of mobile communication, our CEO Sumit Goswami commented on the news, saying: “We applaud Apple on iOS 8 and its decision to open up to third parties for an enriched experience. We have been working for some time on an iOS keyboard app. We are excited that Apple’s iOS 8 will support keyboards like ours in the fall when it debuts. We have been putting a lot into development to fine tune our context-aware typing that identifies the location of the user and what application they are running to provide more accurate and contextual word predictions. We also plan to soon unveil specialized dictionaries for law, health, telecom and other professionals that give our next-word prediction even that much more accuracy. Ultimately, we are aiming for effortless communication for iOS users.” We ramped up our iOS team and we’ll be sure to update our blog with timely and relevant details on the development of our new keyboard. For additional information on Adaptxt’s existing keyboards, visit the Adaptxt features page. We are gearing up and looking forward to adding our smart technology to the iOS experience with a universal keyboard app to make messaging more efficient, personalized and productive on any mobile device. We have launched a splash page to enable iOS 8 users to sign up to be among the very first to try the company’s flagship keyboard Adaptxt. Sign up now then let your friends and families know!

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