Your “Key” Player This College Football Season

The Android smartphone is all about making your phone reflect your personality. What better way to do that than to have your phone wear your school colors and know what you have to say. The Adaptxt College Keyboard makes sure that your smartphone has you written all over it.

Sure, you could use your default keyboard that came preloaded with your phone, or you could explore a world of possibilities with the Adaptxt Keyboard, that offers you advanced functionality and customizable interfaces. Installing this keyboard on your phone could be one of the best upgrades you can possibly give it as an owner.

The keyboard now comes with 31 new faces. And that is a terrible understatement. This all-new, fully licensed keyboard app, developed in partnership with 2ThumbZ Entertainment, has launched 31 themes of the most popular and successful teams from across the ACC, SEC, Big 12, B1G, and Pac-12:

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Game-Changer Vs. Game-Changer: Whose Side Are You On?

Game-Changer Vs. Game-Changer: Whose Side Are You On?

This Saturday, two of the most eulogized giants this season have the ultimate face-off. Top-ranked Alabama faces off against No. 6 Texas A&M in “The Rematch” at Kyle Field this Saturday, each team with national title hopes and one opportunity to gain the upper hand on its rival earlier in this “game of throws”.

Adaptxt offers a Texas A&M keyboard and Alabama keyboard for fans on both sides of this re-match

Following the Aggies’ 29-24 upset of the Crimson Tide last season, the Sept. 14 matchup has been circled on most everyone’s calendar. The national spotlight shines on these two evenly matched champions like it never has before.

Among these teams are two very fine young men that are creating more than just a buzz with their presence. One is a golden-armed quarterback from Alabama with two national titles to his credit. The other is a kid from Texas with a Heisman sitting pretty on his mantel.

In this Clash of the Titans, it is without a doubt that the most talked about players are the quarterbacks from each team. AJ McCarron of The Alabama Crimson Tide, and Johnny Manziel of The Texas A&M Aggies.

Last year, Manziel’s first quarter against the Crimson Tide wowed the nation and put the Aggies in a prime position to win with a 20-point first-quarter lead. The eventual Heisman winner added a late touchdown pass to get his team to 29 points, a number that Bama would never reach.

On the other side, AJ McCarron helped the Tide storm back from the 20-0 deficit. Unfortunately for McCarron, two of his three interceptions in 2012 came against A&M. The first toss went to Aggie defender Sean Porter and helped A&M get to 14-0; the second was the costly fourth-down interception to Deshazor Everett that ultimately sealed Alabama’s fate.

If you’re a true maroon Aggie, you know that Manziel is a game-changer, in every sense of the term.

We believe that our College Keyboards are exactly that. Not only are they exponentially efficient; they’ve got swag!
Just like our man Manziel. He might not be for everyone, but those who love him, know why they do. And our Texas A&M Keyboard? May not be for everyone, but definitely designed for the authentic Aggie.

Bleed Crimson? Then you must do it wearing your true colors. Like McCarron, our College Keyboards are reliable, planned, and know exactly what to do even before you finish a thought. With school-specific dictionaries and predictive text, our keyboard will finish your sentences for you. You can tell your buddy up north to “suck it”, albeit in a gentlemanly, elaborate fashion, with minimal swipes.Effortless and effective. Specific and Swagger-ific. Our keyboards are the best of both.


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Fresh On The Scene With The Adaptxt College Keyboard

Fresh On The Scene With The Adaptxt College Keyboard

There are only an exceptional few talented enough to make it on the field during their first year on campus. It takes a special skill set and dogged determination to procure a place for oneself amongst more seasoned athletes.

Quarterback Jameis Winston, for instance, started his Football career last week with Florida State. The gusto and hype that this freshman generated, has been bestowed upon very few others. He has been given the reins to Jimbo Fisher’s offense with eyes on a second straight ACC title. He has a huge arm, big-time intangibles, prototypical size, and has already performed in the postseason for the Florida State baseball team.

Another big deal this year is Robert Nkemdiche, hailed as the No. 1 prospect in the nation, and is already drawing comparisons to South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney. While Nkemdiche is a totally different type of defensive end than Clowney, he should have a similar impact in his first year. His work ethic and physical tools allow him to make plays each week, but he will spend a good deal of time this year learning how to play one of the toughest positions on the field.

The record-setting Tailback from Oregon, Thomas Tynr has all the instruments to earn the starting job as a true freshman. In high-school, he piled up a state-record 643 yards and 10 scores in one game…on his 18th birthday. He has the strength, speed and plenty of wiggle to fit into the Ducks’ high-powered rushing attack.

Another much anticipated freshman this year is the College Keyboard by Adaptxt. Rocking official colors, logos and mascots of the top 31 teams in the FBS, your College Keyboard is your virtual School Spirit banner. And with its predictive text capabilities, it memorizes patterns, not unlike a seasoned Heisman candidate, according to the regularity of usage. This makes it easy to text “Eat this, Aggie!” or “Who’s crying now, Nancy?” with minimal typing. And with school-specific dictionaries, you’ll feel right at home with it.

So, go ahead and get your war paint on with the Adaptxt College Keyboards. Available for download at the GooglePlay Store now!

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Are You A Real College Football Fan? The Adaptxt College Keyboard Lets You Prove It!

Do you live for Saturday afternoons during the Fall? Does your town transform from a sleepy, down-home community into a thriving, football-frenzied metropolis on game days? Are you a die-hard fan, student, or alum of your favorite University? If so, you need the Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboard. The Adaptxt College Keyboard is no ordinary accessory to your smartphone. For the discriminating College Football fan, it is the last frontier of dedication. This all-new, fully licensed keyboard app, developed in partnership with 2ThumbZ Entertainment, is launching with 31 of the most popular and historically successful teams from across the ACC, SEC, Big 12, B1G, and Pac-12:

Over 100 national championships, thousands of All-Americans, countless conference titles, and hundreds of years of history between them, these are the College Football vanguard. And now, Adaptxt College Keyboards can help you proudly represent your favorite team, not only on Saturdays, but every day of the week.

Adaptxt enables you to show support for your College team by personalising your Android keyboard with skins specially designed for just that. All colors, crests, and logos are a 100% authentic, making your loyalty a wire to wire guarantee.

Adaptxt College Keyboard Features:

The Adaptxt College Keyboard app is more than just a pretty face, however. It’s so easy to use, and so advanced, you’d swear it was telepathic. Powered by Predictive Text 2.0, which memorizes and incorporates your own unique texting style into its dictionary, The Adaptxt College Keyboard allows you to type your messages and notes quicker, with fewer keystrokes. This technology even has the capacity to operate in 83 different languages.

Adaptxt has taken it one step further however, with each app containing a school-specific dictionary that includes all your popular lingo, war cries, and after-game hangouts.

Throughout the season, our Facebook page will also be hosting a “Smack Talk Screen Shot” promotion, allowing you to submit your best (or worst) message meant for your rivals in each week’s featured game. Stay tuned for more on that!

Visit the Adaptxt store to show your undying love for your team!

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