KeyPoint brings Adaptxt Keyboard For Amazon Fire Tablets

KeyPoint has announced that Adaptxt, its context-aware, multi-language keyboard, is now available on Amazon Fire tablet devices.

The keyboard that was only available for Android and iOS before, will now be available to download for on third and fourth generation Fire tablets.

Adaptxt keyboard application designed to offer a personalized input typing experience to users across Android, iOS and Fire devices.

Adaptxt also offers region-based suggestions and offers freedom of typing in more than 90 languages.


Key features:

# Region-based suggestions:

Adaptxt makes word suggestions, corrections, and predictions more relevant to user’s location.

# Personalized typing experience:

It has personalized word predictions based on the application in use and user’s writing style.

# Largest language support:

Supports over 90 languages

# Auto-correction and glide:

Users can tap or swipe over characters (GLIDE) to type quickly and accurately

# Industry-specific dictionaries:

44 industry-specific dictionaries give professionals options to various keyboards such as medical, legal, IT, business and more.

# Shortcuts:

Automatic Text Replacement (ATR) and application shortcuts.

# Layout

Supports 12-key layout

# Themes and customization

Offers 21 extensive themes with the option of creating new custom themes.


Vishal Kawadkar

Source: GizmoLead

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