AOC launches two smartphones and a tablet with Adaptxt

AOC, long known as a high-quality display company, has launched two smartphones and a tablet with 3G calling capabilities for the Indian market. The 4-inch E40 includes a dual core processor, a 1,600mAh battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM Radio while the 6-inch M601 steps things up with a faster processor and a microSD slot for expandable storage. The company is also offering a 7-inch tablet, the D70V50G, which includes a 3,000 mAh battery and GPS. It supports dual SIMs so consumers can access multiple carriers for voice calling. As International Business Times notes, all three devices are shipping with Android KitKat and support for 21 Indian languages via Adaptxt.  


Image source: India Express

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Adaptxt now burning up the Fire tablets

Gizmolead is leading the way with our news that Adaptxt is now available on the third and fourth-generation Amazon Fire tablets. As the site notes, now users of Amazon’s tablets can take advantage of Adaptxt’s winning features, including region-specific suggestions, a personalized typing experience, the broadest language support with over 90 languages available, autocorrect and glide functions, automatic text replacement and application shortcuts, support for 12-key layout, and extensive theme options, including custom themes.

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KeyPoint brings Adaptxt Keyboard For Amazon Fire Tablets

KeyPoint has announced that Adaptxt, its context-aware, multi-language keyboard, is now available on Amazon Fire tablet devices.

The keyboard that was only available for Android and iOS before, will now be available to download for on third and fourth generation Fire tablets.

Adaptxt keyboard application designed to offer a personalized input typing experience to users across Android, iOS and Fire devices.

Adaptxt also offers region-based suggestions and offers freedom of typing in more than 90 languages.


Key features:

# Region-based suggestions:

Adaptxt makes word suggestions, corrections, and predictions more relevant to user’s location.

# Personalized typing experience:

It has personalized word predictions based on the application in use and user’s writing style.

# Largest language support:

Supports over 90 languages

# Auto-correction and glide:

Users can tap or swipe over characters (GLIDE) to type quickly and accurately

# Industry-specific dictionaries:

44 industry-specific dictionaries give professionals options to various keyboards such as medical, legal, IT, business and more.

# Shortcuts:

Automatic Text Replacement (ATR) and application shortcuts.

# Layout

Supports 12-key layout

# Themes and customization

Offers 21 extensive themes with the option of creating new custom themes.


Vishal Kawadkar

Source: GizmoLead

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Adaptxt Keyboard for iOS a Free and Powerful Tool

As an iOS user, you should be happy with the new iOS 8 feature which make you able to install new third party keyboards to your phone, so you can have new features didn’t come with the Apple default keyboard.
One of these keyboards… is “Adaptxt”, the keyboard has a lot of features like a ton of supported languages and specialized keyboards from baseball symbols to keyboards for finance only.
You can download the keyboard from Apple App store as usual, then customize it easily from your Setting screen and select your type method from the globe icon whenever you’re going to write anything.
The app has been tested, and surprisingly how it’s very responsive at swipe typing…you can type your words with swiping your fingers on the keyboard without take your finger of the screen, or you can easily drag your words, you don’t have to press spacebar, just move to your next word easily, the keyboard has some custom gestures, text shortcuts and some keyboard layouts too like QWERTY, QWERTZ. AZERTY and some more, you should be able to download the non-English keyboards as you like because it’s not loaded in the app, so it’s pretty easy.
While iOS 8.0.2 have some issues with third-party keyboards we hope the company is going to fix it, the Adaptxt keyboard is very nice, have very responsive features and it’s Free too, so you should give it a try because it’s worth it.   


Adaptxt is a free keyboard available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices:
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Article and photos by Mobi4All

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Codothon 2014



Codothon 2014

  • When smart and committed people work diligently to innovate. 
  • When coders solve a hard problem within 48 hours.
  • When collaboration produces 12 new ideas into reality!

The entire organization took a pause from the regular business day on July 4th and 5th. The event kicked off with an energetic message from Sumit and the leadership team. With the entire floor themed-up for CODOTHON, it became the creative grounds for techies. All teams were busy coding to produce the best out of their ideas. The enthusiasm from all the employees made CODOTHON one of the best experiences KPT has seen yet.

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KeyPoint Technologies joins Linux Foundation!

By Prima Dona, Head of Product Management & Marketing, KPT

Today, we are happy to announce that we are joining the Linux Foundation. And what a proud moment it is for each one of us here at KPT!

We have constantly believed in technology for the community by the community. Our wish has always been to provide inclusive growth and benefit for OEMs, third party solution providers, developers, linguists and end users by engaging them in a community around Adaptxt. With the launch ofOpenAdaptxtTM in early May this year, we had clearly set sail towards larger goals in this direction by reaching out to the open source community. And joining Linux Foundation now is the next big step we are taking in this direction.

Linux gives the flexibility and technology maturity that KPT requires to evolve the text input experience for users on connected devices. Linux provides KPT with a neutral forum in which KPT can easily collaborate with the world’s leading technology companies on open innovation that accelerates that evolution.

We are looking forward to working closely with members of the LinuxFoundation and the wider Linux community to bring our versatile and advanced text input platform and solutions to different Linux based mobile OSes, applications, connected devices, IVIs and smart TVs.

Here is a toast to this new affiliation and open foundation of mutual growth!

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KPT adds another feather to their cap – Launches Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 keyboard for Android tablet

By Sumit Goswami, CEO, KPT

blog_companynews_blog 1Since the onset of Android based devices, voice communication has almost taken a backseat,tablets offer new possibilities when it comes to mobile computing. They make features such as internet browsing, email exchange and documentation accessible on the go. In general, the default Android tablet keyboards aren’t created as per the tablet size and the keys are not appropriately spaced out to provide comfortable typing.While they are very handy to have, they are not ideal for typing, and cannot be considered as a replacement for existing devices due to their default keyboard.

Lately there has been a spike in user demand for alternate text input solutions for Android based tablets. Taking into account the user expectations, KPT is excited to announce the release of Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 for Android tablets. We are constantly working on expanding our expertise and research towards developing superior text input solutions for multiple platforms and devices. Our quest for success has always encouraged us to explore new dimensions; to investigate, discover and devise accessible solutions to cater the users need.

Our latest product, Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 for Android has been designed to conquer the limitations faced by users with the default keyboard and provide them with a smart hassle-free predictive keyboard.

Maintaining the standard of Adaptxt Beta for Smartphones, our Adaptxt Tablet release is also powered by Predictive Text2.0 engine at the backend. We have further improved our product to provide accurate and relevant word prediction, error-correction and word completion inputs to offer exceptional text input experience.

Keeping the tablet size in mind, Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 introduces a split keyboard option that provides natural and effortless two thumb typing thereby increasing the typing speed. It also comes with a repositionable suggestion bar that allows heads-up and heads-down users to position the suggestion bar as per their typing convenience. KPT has integrated a new experimental handwriting recognition feature that allows the users to convert their handwritten characters on the keyboard interface into text.  The feature is currently in its preliminary stage, we are working on refining the interface to provide you with a full-fledged feature in the future.

We have incorporated the following features in Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 to provide users with a superiortext input experience:

  • Enhanced Tablet Layouts
  • Split keyboard
  • ATR – Automatic Text Replacement using ATR shortcuts
  • New Ergonomically designed Repositionable Suggestion bar
  • Accented suggestions
  • Adaptxt Quick settings
  • Intelligent Installation wizard
  • Handwriting Recognition – Experimental Feature
  • Support for 50+ languages
  • Industry-specific dictionaries like Law, Medicine, Finance, IT and Telecoms, etc.

With our latest product, our aim is to provide users with an alternative keyboard that is designed to be productive and in turn complement the inherent tablet features. Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 for Android tablets is currently available on Google Play and Getjar App stores! Now, you can type effortlessly with Adaptxt on your Android tablet as well.

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